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How We Work


Select membership and register your school via WhatsApp or Email to our admin

Share the class code

Create a class to host your exams and share the class code to the students

Assign exams

Create exams using our modules or create your own. Collect the results for a comprehensive report

Our Platform

White Label Feature

Add your school's logo

Integration with Google Classroom

Adding admins and teachers independently

Change the overall color of the dashboard and examsComing Soon

Personalize and modify email for each classComing Soon

Report Analysis and Results

Download each exam result as CSV file

See detailed exam results for each student

Monitor students' comprehension based on each question's detail

Download each student's result as PDF fileComing Soon

View class's progress through chartComing Soon

Create Modules

Modules with multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blanks format

Set duration and scoring weight for each exam

Add images, text, videos, and mathematic operations

More answer formats to come; such as essay, ranking system, etc.Coming Soon

Try outs, SNMPTN, CPNS, and many moreComing Soon

Exam Supervision

Randomization of exam questionsComing Soon

Randomization of exam sets to ensure each student gets different questionsComing Soon

Record students' answer durationsComing Soon

Surveillance through periodic snapshots by webcamComing Soon

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